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2019 Christmas E-cards, mostly animated.


Anitmated Ecards and Pics



Playful Fox Cubs






Chestnuts Fireroasted






Christmas Blessing






Christmas Cheer






What would Christmas be without love?





Handbell Practice






His Great Love







Mountain View Christmas






Kitty Christmas





O Holy Night






For Pet’s Sake






Penguin Medley






Silent Night






Father and Child






Snowy Times






Peacock and Rabbit Fun







Joy to the World






Turkey Dinner






Joyful Times







Time to come near







Silent Night






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O Holy Night - Trans-Siberian Orchestra



BE THOU MY VISION -- Favorite Irish Hymn



I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day - Casting Crowns



Celtic Woman - A New Journey - You Raise Me Up



You Are My Hiding Place / As The Deer



Charlotte Church - What Child Is This



I Will Be Seeing You



Born on Christmas Day by Kristin Chenoweth - Cover by One Voice Children's Choir



CHRISTMAS CANON - Trans-Siberian Orchestra



David Archuleta - My Little Prayer - #LIGHTtheWORLD



Kristina Cooper-"Emanuel"



If You Could Hie To Kolob (Relaxing/Beautiful Instrumental) - Great Scenes from Space



88 Piano Keys Control 500,000 Christmas Lights! I Saw Three Ships - The Piano Guys



Josh Groban - O Holy Night



Lexi Walker and The Piano Guys



Flash Mob - Started by one little girl - Ode to Joy



Kaylee Rodgers Singing Hallelujah



Mary Did you Know Lyrics - Kenny Rodgers feat Wynonna Judd



Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)



Carol of the Bells - Mormon Tabernacle Choir



Celtic Woman - You Raise Me Up



I Feel My Savior's Love | Reese Oliveira, Hallie Cahoon, Blake Walker



Gabriel's Oboe



Handel, Messiah - Hallelujah



Nearer, My God, to Thee | BYU Vocal Point



Only Hope



Traditional Instrumental Christmas Songs



Over A Thousand People Came Together To Break a Record And Bring This Moving Christmas Hymn To Life



"If You Could Hie to Kolob"- Lex de Azevedo - Great Sites from Space



You'll Never Walk Alone Celtic Woman



Christopher Duffley sings Open the Eyes of My Heart



Relaxing Instrumental Hymns about the Grace of Jesus



The First Noël by Celtic Women



The Miracle



The Mission / How Great Thou Art - The Piano Guys



The Christmas Shoes



Silent Night - Celtic Woman



Where Are You Christmas? - Sarah Schmidt



Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon



What Child is This - Greensleeves



O come, O come, Emmanuel - The Piano Guys



Sandi Patty and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - O Holy Night



Celtic Woman & PS22 Chorus "You Raise Me Up"





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Merry Christmas to all in 2019,

And may the New Year be a time when we search deep within our own soul to find out what is really important, and to set priorities for the time we have left in this life.

No one really knows when the last breath will be taken. Yet, we plan for many things in our future. Sometimes, so much, that we fail to make the most of the day we have before us. Other times, we look to the future with great uncertainty, and stay in a state of foreboding, instead of bringing what we want from our life in to being.

If we could add up the time we spend on

what percentage of our life would that consist of?

How much would we accomplish if we just decided to bring ideas in to immediate fulfillment? Or at least seriously gather what ever is necessary to make something happen, and then bring it to fruition as quickly as possible?

How often do we plan things for our life to such detail, and then when it is all planned out, fail to carry through, or convince our self that, that is too much of a pipedream, and it can never happen or similar thoughts?

Hopefully there comes a time in each of our lives, when we put all the discouragement, all the negativity and lay aside all the opposition, or at least, what we consider opposition, and just go for it.

How often do we succumb to just struggle with life,

What if we would free ourselves, and just change things up and step out more freely? Or look beyond our normal scope of possibilities and jump outside the box or boxes we may have put our own self in?

How often do we let other people interfere with us stepping out and trying something new? Since many people tend to live similar to what they have become accustomed to, or live according to the way or ways they have always done things in the past, do we do the same things?

Do we look to see if we put our own self in a rut, or entrenched ourselves so far in that rut, that we see no way out, or refuse to get out for what ever reason or reasons?  

If we could see our self from a different view, would we wonder why that person was making those kinds of decisions for their self? Would we roll our eyes at that person, and wonder - what is he thinking? what is she thinking? Could we be that honest with our self?

Do we look outside the framework we built around ourselves, and maybe even fear to think there may be other possibilities? Do we look at the framework we built around ourselves to see what that framework consists of? Are we just settling for the same or less of life as has become common?  

Look in the mirror. Who do you see? Is it the person you dreamed you would be when you were young? Are you doing more or less than you thought you would when you were young?

Are you willing to step out and learn more?

Are you willing to take more chances?

If you think it may be any of these reasons or similar reasons, did you not already defeat your self?

Maybe you do have too much on your plate right now, but did you stop and analyze to see if everything you have going on is important or relevant to what you really want for your life? Are there some things you can rearrange to make other things happen? Or is the real reason those of us who do not step out more often, or more freely is because:  

If some one does such things when we want to try something new or different, are they really some one we want to have that close to us; that they would be able to influence us so strongly to dissuade us from doing something different?

Certainly there are some things that we would not want to involve ourselves with:

But there are so many possibilities available that are legitimate and could do a lot of good, not only for ourselves,

After spending much time with many elderly folks through the years, it is common to hear they did not step out enough, and did not take more chances.

For some of them it was too late to try some things, considering their age and health conditions. But there were still many things they still had time, energy, imagination and ability to dream about and make happen in their life regardless of age and compromised health.

Even if they only had a year, a month or a week to live, whether they knew how much time they had left or not, what difference does it make? If you are breathing, you have time.

why not just go for it?

It is distressing and disheartening for a person to let their life waste away at any age, no matter how much time you have. Suicide rates, especially among the younger folks are way out of control. What kind of society have we made for ourselves to bring this about? It did not just happen.  

Too old? What does that really mean?

Just because someone is in their eighties or nineties or older is not too old to learn something new, or try something different. What else are you going to do with your life? Just sit around and wait to die?

For those who are living in retirement years, hopefully you are not letting fear stop you from stepping out in new directions. Like, look how far you already made it?  

Like, who really cares!

If you let others manipulate you in such ways at any age, why are you letting them get away with it? What if what you wanted to pursue was going to make you happier than you ever have been before?

But what if it does not turn out the way you thought it would? So what! You gave it a shot. What if it turns out better than you thought it would?

Studying, learning and growing are never outdated.

Fear, anxiety and worry are extremely overrated, especially when they control the way you live your life, or stop you from really living your life more fully.

Do you see yourself living a whole and fulfilling life, or a more fulfilling life right now? Did you in the past, but something happened, and you started holding yourself back?

Did you ever notice people that found what they enjoyed doing in life, and kept doing it, and stepped out and found more things they enjoyed doing with their lives? Do you know any of them that are doing it in their eighties and nineties?

Did you ever wonder why they are still doing it? Did you wonder why they are not just kicking back in retirement, growing old and wearing themselves out through a lackluster lifestyle? Do you know of anyone that is just sitting around, waiting to see how long they can keep going until they die?

The old saying holds true - use it or lose it.

Health or not?

Make sure you are doing your own research, and are staying healthy. Most older people know how important great health is. Many younger people; not so much. Many young people think health comes automatically. Read labels. If you do not know what is in what you are ingesting, why would you subject your self to it?

You know companies advertising their commercials throughout all of media are just there to make their own selves more wealth - to take money from your pocket or purse. Many will often do what ever it takes to sell their products or services. There are plenty of good things to buy, and there are many things that are injurious to use or ingest.

Many bureaucrats do and say what they think they need to, to secure their own job, pension and retirement plan.

Never think something is beyond questioning.

Never think you can believe anything without some research, or through know-how from personal experience.

This world is not as nice as we try to convince ourselves that it is. The corruption has been gradual and steady. So gradual and steady, that we accustom our selves to it as it worsens. In turn, we do not see, or we blind our self from a lot of what is really going on because we just expect it.

But do we let it manipulate us to the point where we just accept it because we say - that is just the way it is? Or do we hold firm to our sane, reasonable, moral, ethical, honorable and sensible standards for life?

Do we compromise because others compromise? If so, where is the sense in that?   

There is nothing like doing what you fully enjoy. There is nothing like pursuing more for your life than what you already accomplished.

Maybe you are fully satisfied with your life and your accomplishments. Is it enough? You will have to answer that for your own self.

There are certain questions it is important for you to ask your self, or you will never be put in a position to answer them. If you are honest with your self, great benefit can be the results.  

There is nothing greater than holding on to worthy standards and doings for your life.

Are there some people who feel they should not be enjoying their life? Yes there are. Maybe some things happened when they were young, or younger, and feel if their life is not miserable, or at least partially miserable, that something is wrong.

Some were told their life would never add up to anything, or were told similar things. Some feel they do not deserve to have a more fulfilling life. Sadly, these situations are more common than you might think.

Many people have never been encouraged to make their life whole. When living for less has been engrained in the subconscious mind, it often gets passed on to their next generation, and then to their generation.

Some people even feel safe if they imprison themselves in unpleasant, past experiences. They may refer to it as a comfort zone. But typically those comfort zones are the furthest things from any form of comfort. Worded more correctly it would be called, it is a, "I am used to it", zone.

If any of this has happened to you, you can stop it. It will take work and effort, and maybe a lot of work and effort, but it can be stopped, and you can be successful and whole if you really want to be.

It is not that you have to prove anything to anyone; it is simply that you no longer want to live a partial or compromised life any more.

Rise and shine, and keep shining, and then shine some more. Do not ever stop shining. Why would you? You do not have to.

You do not have to be arrogant about it, because

Your days of being pressed down can be over - it is entirely up to you. Make your stand, and do it because you now realize how much value God has placed on your life. When you do it this way, genuine joy will keep filling your soul more and more.

So you were told some lies in the past that complicated your life. Who has not been told lies? Who has not had a complicated life in various ways?

Be real, and stay real. Move on, and keep going for it. Deeply learning from your past will make your future that much stronger. Be whole and stay whole. When you are, you do not have to let any one take that from you, ever.

God made our minds in a most wonderful way. Imagination, when used in uplifting and encouraging ways, can open up to us incredible opportunities if we would just give ourselves a fair and honest chance to learn and grow.

Did you give your self that chance? If not, why not?

If you did, did you reach out for more? If not, why not?

One guy made comment on how God made the human body.

Psalms 139:14  I will praise You Lord; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are Your works; and that my soul knows right well.

To express that in more of a commentary kind of way:

I will praise You, and be forever thankful to You, Lord.

It takes strong willpower to let the Lord guide your life. The man who wrote the Statement from a Psalm above did, and in the end, he did not regret it, nor was he ever ashamed in choosing to walk with God.

He knew God in a very special and intimate way that most people do not take the time to learn about Who the Creator really is.

Based on historical data, being a genuine Christian has always been one of the most challenging lifestyles to live because of all the heartache they must endure from others who do not take sufficient time to understand. But no matter how many complications one encounters on the journey, it is absolutely the most rewarding way to live.

If you have not experienced that, you might consider stepping close to God. Go to Scripture and see if what you are believing is even verifiable according to His Word. When I did, I was shocked to see how many lies I was believing.

Regardless what a person chooses to believe, a life walking with God is the only life that will keep on giving; and yes, when a person is true to God, their life will last Forever.

Most Christians just seem to hope what the Bible says about Eternal Life is true. Then there are some who know with absolute certainty that Eternal Life is totally real.

How can they know for sure? Because they take the time each day

The doubts and uncertainties they once had are gone. God proved Himself to them, and they know they can fully trust Him to fulfill all of His Word.

Though the steps of a genuine Christian life are often riddled with obstacles and complications, they know the end will never be an end, but Glorious Endlessness. Amen to that.

Who will hold God to His Word, and let Him show them just how wonderful life can be, even when you are dealing with unpleasant, and even heart-wrenching experiences? Who will keep their eyes on the end? The Eternal result?

Every one will find out where their personal decisions have taken them, and hopefully each of us will have taken the proper steps for a Glorious and endless Future.

These are just some things to seriously consider since we are at the close of another year, and at the beginning of another. Who knows if we will be around for the next one?

There will be millions who will not be around at the end of next year. Do you really know you will not be one of them? But if you are, have you honestly been walking with God? Will He be able to trust you with Eternity? Have you taken the time to know what that means?





Also, be sure to thank the Father for His Son, Jesus - what Christmas is all about.




You hear some people say, do not live with regrets.

Step out and make a difference.

Live to your full potential.

I guess as long as you have your facts right, that is real good advice.  



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May your every decision be a wise and well thought out one.