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2017 Christmas E-cards, mostly animated.



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Come All You Faithful



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Beginning to Look Like Christmas





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10 Year-Old Blind Autistic Boy Singing - Open the Eyes of My Heart








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Christmas Around The World








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He hideth my soul




Immanuel..Immanuel...Lovely Arabic Christian Song


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My life is Yours..Lovely Arabic Christian Song


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Christian Music



Nearer, My God, to Thee




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The Prayer




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Some Sad and Some Encouraging Videos  - Some are Sad and Encouraging



You will cry after watching this video !




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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Another year has come and gone. Did it seem to go by faster than the last? We are subject to so much more information as time goes by, it seems to make time go by even faster. Back in the 60s, most of the news most people got was local, with some national, and not much from overseas. Now it comes in from all around the world - places we never even knew existed. Instead of watching snowy looking tv screens, now you can watch it on your phone.

There were some encouraging things that have taken place this year, and some not so much. The media seems to work very hard at enticing contention between many people by attempting to persuade us to believe one thing or another, or to see things as they would have us see. What is consoling, is more people are seeing through the confusion and ignoring the manipulation.

I hear many people say life used to be easier when I was young. Is it because we did not have the responsibilities of grown ups yet, or was it just easier and more carefree when we were not bombarded, as if nonstop, with so much media hype/news and information?

Like, do they expect us to stay up with it all? Maybe. Do we have to? No. There is no way you can. I guess a person could try, but it will not allow you to have much of a life.

I learned to be a lot more selective, and pay attention to what they are saying. We have been around long enough to read between the lines and recognize scam reporting.  

With all the divisiveness that has been dumped on us this year from the media, the sports industry, Hollywood, and, as usual, politicians, it is comforting to see many people are drawing closer to each other, and constructively discussing the various issues that matter. Though it is convenient to have social media outlets online and through cell phones, there is nothing like old fashioned face to face interaction. You always seem to feel better when you talk face to face, even when there are disagreements.  

I started paying closer attention to the obituaries this year. It is something how many people die each day. Though I only look at the small area where I currently live, you wonder how many people are dying every day around the world? It is also saddening to see many younger people dying. It also says too often - died unexpectedly.

Sometimes I wonder why I am still alive when so many others are dying. It tends to put life in a much more clearer perspective when you see how fragile living can be. Car accidents, plane and train crashes, storms and disasters, medical complications, murders - you just never know if you will make it back to bed after getting up in the morning. Too many people did not make it back to bed this year.

You begin to look more closely to the kinds of food and drink you ingest. You look and adjust the priorities you made for yourself more carefully. You realize at any moment you could die too. It is happening to a lot of people every day.

Then you might find yourself asking the question, am I doing the things that, deep down, I feel are important to me? Am I spending too much time, wasting time on things that really do not matter in the big picture of life? Do I know who God really is, or just what others have told me through the years?

Too often, it seems, many live life as if it is going to keep going on, and on, and on. In the back of our minds, we know that is not true, at least not in this world. But then, do we really know the real directions that lead to God and Eternal Life? Or are we soooo busy with the temporary things in this world, that we neglect the necessary preparations that lead to Salvation and Life Eternal?

I've been with some people who were on their death beds through the years. Some were at peace with their lives, and the direction they were headed. Others, you could see in their eyes, they were scrambling in their minds, trying to come to terms with death.

You could see they did not take sufficient time to learn the Truth about God and His Written Word; you could see the uncertainty, and with some, the fearfulness in their eyes when it came to their fate.

Those last minute decisions do not always work, neither can they always be trusted, especially at times like these. I think, too often, we wait to do some of the real important things in life that can deeply and seriously impact our destiny. How many people find out they waited too long?   

I keep finding out how important it is to keep the eyes on the big picture, and not just what is in front of my face. Through the years I found out Everlasting Life is a reality, and that each of us can be there. I also listened to what many people said about obtaining life beyond the here and now. They said it was what they were told from others, but were not certain if what they were told was true; while many others had no ideas at all.

Many people simply believe the person on the pulpit. Then you think, so many of them have different ideas. They all can not be true because of the significant contradictions. They all claim to use the Bible for their Source. When I read the following Statement, I thought it best to search for the answers myself:

John 16:13 KJV  Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he will not speak of himself; but whatsoever he will hear, that will he speak: and he will show you things to come.

Since I am personally accountable for what I believe and disbelieve, and that my eternal destiny depends on knowing what is true, I thought it best to make sure what I was believing was true. I figured if Eternal Life is real, I sure want to be there. There certainly has to be much more than what is in this world. You look up into the night sky, and know there is a massive amount more. The endlessness of the Universe can not be just for us, considering most of us in this life do not even live a century of time.

The first time I read through the Scriptures, I was surprised what was actually Written; so much was very different from what I was told; shockingly, some things were the very opposite. There were also many things Written that I just did not understand yet. It was a bit frustrating at first. In time, the frustration left me, and the Truth began to settle within the thoughts of my mind. The more I studied, the more I understood. I guess that is the same with anything we take the time to learn.

The ones I saw on their death bed, who truly had peace with God; that was so wonderful to behold; especially when compared with the ones that were worried and fearful, not really knowing what their future held, if anything at all. A few even thought all they would ever become was a pile of fertilizer - oh, how depressing those words made their faces look.

Then I look at the Christmas season that is upon us. I see that God sent His Son into this world to show us a beautiful way to live. He also came to die, just so each of us could have an opportunity to choose His Way of Life, and have a future life with Him.  

Even though my breath in this temporary world will eventually come to an end, that does not have to be the end of my life. On the contrary, in a way, it can be just the beginning - that can be true for each of us.

The more I search God's Word, the more at peace my life becomes. Even though there is much sadness, pain, suffering and backstabbing in this world; there are also some good times. If a person has the real directions to Eternal Life, this time on earth has to be nothing more than a tiny little pit stop.

In your mind, when you see Christ dying on the cross, you see how much value He has placed over your life. It would be really sad to let His Sacrifice be in vain for any one of us, considering all He went through for each of us.

You hear some people say, do not live with regrets. Step out and make a difference. Live to your full potential. I guess as long as you have your facts right, that is real good advice.  




The Christmas e-cards are at the following link: http://www.ecardxpress.com  

I hope you enjoy them; it seems every year it gets harder to find really good ones. There are also music videos and a few videos that might make you stop and think; maybe even shed a few tears.

May your every decision be a wise and thoughtful one.